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Here you'll find sermons, talks, and lectures that I have given around the Episcopal Diocese of Texas and other dioceses around the country. Visit my website at to learn more about my projects.

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--C. Andrew Doyle, IX Bishop of Texas 

Nov 18, 2020

Jesus's kingdom is not run in a respectable way. It's an extravagant amount of grace, an extravagant and imprudent amount of hope.

When we truly grasp God's generosity and extravagance for ourselves, which looks completely like mismanagement to the rest of the world, we will see that God is for people; and so the...

Nov 2, 2020

As we remember in our all Saints Day celebration, the celebration of faithful departed, here is the love we proclaim in faith atthe grave side of our beloved sisters and brothers: the miracle of kinship.Sermon for Trinity Episcopal Church in Midtown, Houston, on All Saints' Sunday 2020.

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Sep 2, 2020

Like Moses, we stand at the precipice of tomorrow. We are given opportunity to change - to work beyond our own individual flourishing, for the flourishing of others, for God’s vision. For a history-making God.

This sermon was originally preached for Emmanuel, Houston, on Exodus 3:1-15.

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Jul 16, 2020

A sermon about gut reactions, rooted in magical thinking - not so different from worshipping the marketplace gods in Paul’s time.

The truth is, the lesser stories are addictive and never enough.

God answers you and bids you hear, and see - the age of the marketplace gods has come to an end.

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