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Here you'll find sermons, talks, and lectures that I have given around the Episcopal Diocese of Texas and other dioceses around the country. You can learn more about my weekly Bible Study here and my Amplified Church project here.


Thanks for taking a listen!

--C. Andrew Doyle, IX Bishop of Texas 

Nov 12, 2010

We are a Story People based upon the Gospel of Luke.

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How much would you pay to play G1 and how much you pay to play G2, given that you know nothing about the probabilities of S1 and S2? You might reason this way.links of london necklaces

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As attractive as this line of reasoning is, it is false if we assume that whatever is choosing S1 or S2 is watching you make your choice, ie a market.
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The zero sum value of G2, is -25 cents. But the value of G1 is -1 cent! G1 is not even a profitable game to play, despite that lovely looming left hand corner in which you get a return of $100. links of london bracelets